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As he performed the band's song, "Holiday", Armstrong admonished war and popular culture in a fashion similar to that of The Sex Pistols, who had preached anarchy in Britain nearly thirty years previously.

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Filled with droning guitars, untrained vocals, and plenty of white noise, punk was fresh and rebellious, breaking all the rules of music that the band members had never bothered to learn.

The first hints of what would later become known as "punk rock" came to American ears in 1964 through the visions of a Welsh viola player and a New York City songwriter with an ardor for experimentation.

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After acquiring Reed's high school friend Sterling Morrison to play guitar and Moe Tucker as a drummer, Reed took his place as vocalist, with Cale on keyboards and the viola.

The newly formed band called themselves The Velvet Underground, after a novel on masochism of the same name (Scott-Warren).

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"This song is not anti-American; it's anti-war," explained Billie Joe Armstrong, frontman of American pop-punk band Green Day, to the thousands of teenagers crowding the stage in London ("List of Anti-War Songs").

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