Pros And Cons Of Zoos Essay

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We’ve all been to the zoo at some time or another, if not recently, then most likely at some point in our childhood.If you’re around my age, you might even recall Bosco’s many trips to the Dublin Zoo through his magic door.

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For many young children, trips like this are memorable for their uniqueness.

They see the animals they have learned about in nature books, classrooms, or on documentaries.

‘Ensuring reasonable animal welfare in captivity is extremely challenging.

Animal species have evolved over millennia and their physical, physiological and behavioural traits have developed in order to optimise their chances of survival in their natural environment’.

Luckily the zoo is the most popular visitors’ destination in Ireland, adding greatly to its capital.

According to Dublin zoo’s website, the zoo is 28 hectares and has over 400 animals.

According to Collins dictionary online, Zoochosis is the ‘psychological problems associated with animals kept in prolonged activities.

More commonly-zoo animals exhibit signs of extreme depression and related psychological conditions as they struggle with the confines of their captivity’.

Using this investment, the zoo was able to double its previous size to give animals more space, improving the facility greatly.

Dublin zoo is a charity, so all profit goes back into the zoo.


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