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Capital Punishment, or the Death Penalty, is the highest form of punishment the Justice System can give.While this is legal in the United States, the death penalty is utilized in only 31 of the 50 states.Then, in 1972, the death sentence was suspended because of Furman v. The Conference brought 30 inmates who were freed from death row because of their innocence.

In the 1950s, public sentiment began to turn away from capital punishment. Later, in 1988, executions of offenders age fifteen and younger at the time of their crimes is unconstitutional with the Thompson v. That number was then increased in the next year by saying anyone under the age of 17 could not be put to death.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stating a “right to life.” Support of capital punishment reached an all-time low in 1966, as shown in a Gallup poll, with support of the death penalty at only 42%. In November of 1998, Northwestern University held the first-ever National Conference on Wrongful Convictions and the Death Penalty.

The 1930s were when executions reached the highest levels in American history with an average 167 deaths per year.

This was due, in part, to the writings of criminologists, who argued that the death penalty was a necessary social measure. Wainwright in 1986, it was made that the execution of insane persons was banned.

Finally, they underline that practicing death penalty is not something that can stop violence and brutal killings, thus it will not work for increasing safety of our society.

When speaking about the arguments of those who are supporting death penalty, those people are usually talking about using capital punishment as an instrument of fair justice.

They are convinced that death penalty can serve very effectively as a tool to provide social safety.

They are sure that death penalty can play a very powerful role as a deterrent and this way make criminals understand what price they are going to pay for doing such heavy criminal acts as murders, rapes, torturing their victims, etc. Capital punishment proponents believe that death penalty can also serve as a threat to those who are planning acts of terrorism and other serious criminal acts.

In the 10th century, Britain’s most common execution method was death by hanging.

Yet in the next century, William the Conqueror would not allow people to be hanged except in cases of murder, which was innovative at the time.


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