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There’s a dreadful notion that often rears its ugly head, expressing the idea that in order to achieve a goal or clear an obstacle, we need only attempt the thing once and it’s done. Conventional wisdom – wrong as it’s continually proved to be – is often at the root of some shaky business philosophies, many of which are so cliché-ridden that any kind of intellectual pursuit in building or creating anything worthwhile gets buried in the saccharine mix of meaningless tautologies.One irksome example of this can be found in the oft-repeated phrase, “Fail fast and fail often.” It’s safe to presume few patients would survive if their surgeons embraced this advice.By finding out the causes of the problems, measures can be taken. Another good LEAN Manufacturing tool to analyse data is the Pareto Analysis The underlying causes can be properly addressed by using countermeasures.

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The A3 Thinking process team can work purposefully by pointing out the contents and the details of the countermeasures. A countermeasure could be that Stock Control maintains contacts with both the suppliers and the customers on a daily basis.

To achieve the goal, a carefully thought-out and workable implementation plan will be drawn up.

The name of the A3 Thinking Process is derived from this paper format.

Problems within an organization are often addressed superficially.

Based on the evaluation, another problem can be identified, as a result of which the whole cycle of the A3 Thinking Process begins again. By documenting this part of the A3 Thinking Process, the people involved will have a better understanding of the working method and the problem analysis and problem resolution will have more structure. What is your experience using the A3 Thinking process?

What are your success criteria for a good A3 Thinking process?

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It is of vital importance to discuss the plans with all the affected parties. By discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the plan with several parties, the plans can still be refined.

The A3 LEAN thinking process team must obtain approval from an authority within the organization. Without a final implementation there can be no (radical) change.


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