Problem Solving Test Questions

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Test yourself and share these problem solving quizzes with your friends and peers to find out who is the quiz champ!

Enhance your knowledge about a topic or learn something completely new by answering quiz questions.

Only one in three of those candidates good enough to be considered by Mc Kinsey actually pass the PST - and failure means immediate rejection.

However, we are proud to say that 85% of candidates who use our course pass their PST.

Problem-solving involves providing solutions to issues of life that seem complicated and hard. As you most likely know, there are a variety of recognized learning styles that individuals may posses.

Therefore, problem-solving skills are highly important. These include but may not be limited to linguistic, spatial, bodily kinesthetic, musical, naturalist, logical-mathematical,...

With detailed instant feedback for quiz answers, you can easily learn something new about problem solving with every question you attempt. Often, these numbers can represent a comparison between things or people.

View results instantly and share them online with your network to get some serious bragging rights. Take the ultimate problem solving quiz and check if you're the master of the subject. Engineering design and problem solving is a multifaceted topic making use of different engineering, mathematical and graphics models and their uses. For example, say you walked into a room full of people. What's one of the most marketable skills in the search for employment? Test your mind on these quick brain teasers, and earn the chance to win a gift card to Liquiteria for your...

1 = almost never2 = sometimes3 = usually4 = almost always Note: This is a draft of a quiz that will soon appear on our website.

Use these sample problem-solving interview questions to discover how candidates approach complex situations and if they can provide effective solutions. Before you decide on your next hire, use your interview process to evaluate how candidates approach difficult situations.


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