Problem Solving Skills In Children

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Garvey (1977) gave a useful description of play for teachers when she described play as unique to the children and adult should not instill their concepts into it and try to direct the play activity.Play should be child initiated with the facilitation from the adult to extend and expand.When looking for preschool problem-solving activities, remember the preschoolers' developmental level.

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Also, preview them as some are more difficult than others.

This is a great opportunity to reach students of different ability levels.

Tic Tac Toe- can be done in small groups on dry erase boards. Be sure to have four objects in front of the child.

Directions- have the students practice following two directions. Memory games- cause students to think it through before making selections. The Kidz Page (above) has a few that a preschooler can do.

Certainly the sticker style can be put on the list of recommended books to practice at home. Dot-to-Dot books- Preschool students will wonder what the picture is going to be when they connect the dots.

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These can be used with numbers or alphabet letters and the pages are reproducible.

Children do not need to taught how to play but they must be guided when they play in order to achieve the learning objective.

Most studies have portrayed play as an activity, which has a significant positive impact on children’s development such as (Bruner 1990).

And play helps children to learn new concepts, to promote, encourage children’s problem-solving skills in a natural, fun way.

Many early childhood educators have recognised the fact that play is the most effective and powerful ways for young children to learn.


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