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Each escalating traffic jam also comes with little snippets of each driver's personal life, to create a strange, ever-unfolding story to accompany your roadside mayhem.

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For something that adds a bit more action to a Sokoban-like, check out Rare Sloth's King Rabbit, sequel to Furdemption.

As the titular King Rabbit, it's up to you to rescue your fellow rabbits from their cages while evading deadly traps, solving puzzles, and avoiding your enemies.

The game comes with a variety of maps recreating major cities, with more maps unlocked as you progress.

Brave the life-draining halls, traps and hazards in order to deliver the mail in Warlock's Tower (Android, i OS), a retro-styled puzzle game that works with a really simple rule to build fiendishly complex puzzles: One move equals one life.

Players carefully plan their moves, charting a course between life gems and counting the steps to the exit.

What starts out simple quickly grows in complexity as levels add new challenges, from zombies that inch forward with every third move, to conveyor belts, teleporters, and even levels where you control two characters.

The challenge is in the blend of Sokoban-like push puzzles, with a "Tower of Hanoi"-like system, as each snowman is built with three snowballs of decreasing size.

Cute graphics and a calming aesthetic make for a nice, relaxing, family-safe puzzle game.

Players need to carefully cultivate a growing plant, deftly pruning stray branches and taking advantage of the environment and obstacles.

If everything works out well your plant gets enough light, then you're rewarded with an elegant bonsai tree with fresh blossoms swaying in the wind.


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