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Three good reasons for the American two-party system include the following: Alexander Hamilton contributed to laying the framework of the modern Republican Party. It is easy to complain about petty bickering between Democrats and Republicans.What we sometimes forget is that Americans share a broad consensus, or agreement, of many basic political values.

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Both parties believe in liberty, equality, and individualism.

Neither advocates that the Constitution be discarded.

The Green Party encourages its members to work in grassroots efforts on issues of ecology and social equality.

In both 19, consumer advocate Ralph Nader was the Green Party nominee for President.

In an interview in the summer of 1965, Mc George Bundy, a former Harvard dean who served John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson as national security adviser and was an architect of the Americanization of the Vietnam War, was asked what was different in the actual conduct of American diplomatic affairs from how it had seemed to be "from the safety of Harvard Yard." According to the interviewer, Bundy replied that the first thing that stood out was "the powerful place of domestic politics in the formulation of foreign policies." It was a revealing comment, but not a surprising one (except to the extent that officials seldom make this admission on the record).

The relationship between domestic politics and foreign policy has been an intimate one throughout the nation's history.

The criticism of "Parties take stands on issues and criticize the points of view of the other parties.

Their well-publicized discussions help to inform citizens about important issues and present alternative ways of solving societal problems.

If a third party receives 15% of the vote for every contested Senate seat, that party wins zero seats in the United States Senate.

Consequently, one of the two major parties almost always wins a Even though political parties are often regarded as "necessary evils," they still play an important role in American government and politics today.


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