Pid Controller Phd Thesis

In this paper, a leader-follower approach is implemented.Note: Due to the diversity of the field of control theory and application, many naming conventions for the relevant variables are in common use.A familiar example of a control loop is the action taken to keep one's shower water at the ideal temperature, which typically involves the mixing of two process streams, cold and hot water.The leader UAV uses a Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID) controller to reach the desired goal point or follow a prede? Traditionally, a Position Feedback Controller (PFC) has been used in literature to control the follower UAV.PFC takes the feedback of leader UAVs position to obtain the desired trajectory for the follower UAV which is then tracked using a traditional PID controller.Barawkar, Shraddha "Collaborative Transportation of a Common Payload using Two UAVs Based on Force Feedback Control." Electronic Thesis or Dissertation. , PMIgor Artemtšuk "Robust PID Controller Design for Continuous-time Systems via Reduced Routh Parameters"Supervisor: Prof.Admittance controller simulates a virtual spring mass damper system, to generate a desired trajectory for the follower UAV.This generated trajectory complies with the contact forces acting on the follower UAV and it is then tracked by a traditional PID controller.This research presents a novel approach to perform the task of collaborative transportation by using multiple quadcopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).Collaborative transportation of a common payload would allow bulky, heavy payloads to be carried via multiple small-sized UAVs enabling their applications such as in emergency evacuations.


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