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Do you, as an individual student, understand the risks involved in submitting papers written by other people?The advantages of using these services are quite evident: You may ask why the university or college would expect you to write so many academic papers and articles with very short deadlines.In fact, most of higher education institutions usually remark how busy scholars are able to finish their programs within their tight, daily schedules.

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Choosing to pay someone to write your essay instead of doing it yourself is perceived as an unfair workaround.

When instructors assign a task, they have specific goals in mind for their students and specific benefits that they will receive from carrying out each step of the process independently.

By purchasing essays, you are bypassing that same process your instructor prescribed to help you learn.

As a student, multiple reasons can drive you to pay someone for writing your essays.

The notion of students buying customized essays has become more conventional within the broader academic realm.

It is widely recognized that most business individuals, athletes, actors and even politicians usually contract uncredited ghostwriters to bring their memoirs alive.Similarly, these forces have transformed the higher education system into a profit-making industry connecting buyers and sellers to exchange goods for money.The logic, therefore, implies that any student who pays a fair price will earn the grade that comes with it.It’s almost impossible for a student to handle this without thinking they have to pay to write paper.I decided to pay to write paper because I was absolutely stuck with an article review.However, students that do this are not really stealing anything.They never have enough time at hand to meet the set deadlines, and so they acquire the work fairly by paying for it, and the work they submit is 100% unique and not copied from anyone.These are the same arguments that have been made to dissuade students from cheating for years. The issue of college essays for sale evokes strong emotions on both sides.And let’s face it: passing off someone else’s essay as your own is basically a form of cheating. College professors and school administrators may feel angry and disappointed that their students are looking for other ways to finish their course work.This trend calls for all stakeholders involved to strive un-understanding the dynamics and modalities involved.To start with, tuition costs across high schools and universities are rising quite fast.


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