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However, it is critical that students plan ahead well in advance of departure.Please start learning about the study abroad process at the Study Abroad Center Website Students must first apply to study abroad and be selected by UCEAP/IOP/UC Summer Abroad in order to move forward with an evaluation of transferable classes.Simply put, if you graduated in 2018 or are due to graduate in 2019 or 2020, then you are eligible to submit. However, you must have completed 2/3 of the work required for your degree in order to be eligible UA only accepts submissions in English.

Contact your program directly for their requirements.

Additionally, since updated coursework is not verified, new grades will not be factored into your existing CASPA GPA; however, your updated grades will be made available to your programs and they may choose to update your GPA locally.

This revised paper must still meet our grade requirements.

UA only accepts work that was completed for your undergraduate degree.

You can talk about the motivation behind your work, the process that were involved in its creation etc.

Past Coursework A Mistaken Identity Essay

Anything at all that would help the judges to understand your work better!After making your updates, click Update my application to send the changes to your programs.If you have updates for other sections of your application, submit these updates directly to your programs.So, if you are undertaking a three-year degree, only students in their second or third year of study can submit.If you are undertaking a four-year degree, only students in their third or fourth year of study are eligible to submit.Simply use the login and password you chose when you originally registered and edit your form.If you have forgotten your password, click ‘forgot password’ and you will be emailed the option to create a new one, easy Unfortunately, UA only accepts submissions from students in the final or penultimate year of an undergraduate degree course.An abstract is a succinct summary/synopsis of your paper that enables the judges to quickly ascertain your paper’s purpose or content.It essentially is a selling point on the value of your paper’s content and therefore, UA recommends that you put thought and effort into writing a clear abstract to accompany your paper as it will be assessed by the judging panel for your category.To update your coursework: Updated coursework will not be verified.In most cases you will not need to send updated transcripts; however, some programs may ask you to send them to CASPA or directly to the program.


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