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The Japanese commercialised paper making by hand and by 800 AD their skills were unrivalled.

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One traditional distinction most styles share in common is that the designs are cut from a single sheet of paper as opposed to multiple adjoining sheets as in collage.

By the eighth or ninth century papercutting appeared in West Asia and in Turkey in the 16th century.

Jianzhi (剪紙), is a traditional style of papercutting in China and it originated from cutting patterns for rich Chinese embroideries and later developed into a folk art in itself.

Jianzhi has been practiced in China since at least the 6th Century AD Jianzhi has a number of distinct uses in Chinese culture, almost all of which are for health, prosperity or decorative purposes. Jianzhi cuttings often have a heavy emphasis on Chinese characters symbolizing the Chinese zodiac animals.

I am a paper cutting artist from USA but I am traveling to China this summer to research paper cutting. I will visit Beijing's 798 district and Foshan, but do you know of any other places with a high concentration of paper artists?

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Later, they were used during festivals to decorate gates and windows.

After hundreds of years' development, now they have become a very popular means of decoration among country folk, especially women.

Although paper cutting is popular around the globe, only the Chinese paper cut was listed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists, which was in 2009.

The Chinese paper-cutting was recognized and listed because it has a history of more than 1500 years and it represents cultural values of the people throughout China.


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