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Laura Gannon Essay #1 Waqar Sarwar Eng 101 “That specific place is not just a place to me it’s more than that”.

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So all they do is go to school or college and come back hang out with their friends all night.

For me, I have been on both sides but whenever I’m there, it’s like a whole different story.

It is my motherland where I have passed all my life. The beautiful flowers in bright colors that I smell and observe have provided me pleasure.

First of all, I love my country because I was born here. My body is strong because I have eaten its wheat and drunk its water. The air of the country that I have always breathed has kept me alive.

I used to go out especially at night because the night life is pretty amazing.

the people sleep very late, and the stores are open till around 4 am so we go for…In the inner parts of Sindh, it is dry and hot as most of it is desert-like. I love the different languages spoken in my country.It is perhaps because the people who speak them are likable and lovable.From my point of view, whenever you are around your own people u will always have a good time and trust me you feel that someday.Second thing that is friendship because it’s a main part when it comes to Pakistan.Friendship over there is something you cannot even think of because it’s way different than others.For example, its opposite from here because the teenagers does not work, only their parents works.My half families lives in Pakistan and I visit all my family members every summer and every time I see them I get really excited to meet them.Me and my cousins would go out and have fun every night like it’s my last.My friends are all Pakistanis for whom I can only have feelings of love and respect. To its south is the sea whose waves strike against a long seacoast. Murree, Gilgit, Swat and Azad Kashmir are thoroughly mountainous.In Karachi, you have a moist climate as it is close to the sea. I like to move from one part of my dear country to another forgetting the passage of time.


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