Outline Of Argumentative Essay

Don’t make your topic too broad, since the format of an argumentative essay won’t allow you to thoroughly cover it, but don’t try to narrow down the topic too much.You can always scale down the area of your research and reserve the broader scope of the topic for your other works.

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Setting a clear purpose for your work will help you stay on topic and maintain a logical structure of the work.

At this stage of your creative process you can also write a thesis statement – even if it’s not required, it will give your paper a more polished and scientific look.

Contrary to a popular opinion, you should start working on your outline as soon as you pick the topic for your work.

Combining the process of writing an outline with collecting arguments for the essay will help you stay on topic and imagine the structure of your paper better than you would do without an outline.

The variety of sources you can use is nearly unlimited: you can choose from books, journal articles, quotes, pictures, and even your personal experience, as long as it’s absolutely relevant and can effectively support your views.

Note down your sources and ideas as you go, so that no piece of information is left behind.

An outline is rarely a mandatory part of an argumentative essay, which is why some students may consider it to be a waste of their time.

If something is not required, there is no reason to do it, according to those students.

The first step of writing an outline for a future argumentative essay is choosing a topic for your work.

Unless you have been given the topic by your teacher, choosing the topic may be the most important condition for the success of your work.


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