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Back to Table of Contents The additional time afforded the student resulted in an increase in the number of documents that were correctly completed and formatted, which reduced the amount of time our office had to spend on document readiness at submission time.

The Ohio LINK ETD Center community is made up of 31 institutions, each of whom address these topics in different ways for local reasons.

This document is meant to give guidance by providing various views and reasoning for their local policies as examples of what is possible and why their particular policies are in place.

Includes lots of MATLAB and La Te X (computer typesetting) tips along with commentary on all things engineering and some things not. Back in 1996, The Ohio State University Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department made available La Te X2e support files including a document class that complied with the graduate school's format for dissertations (see samples pages, guidelines, templates, and other resources from the graduate school).

The resulting from the ECE department was kept up to date through 1998, but it was left to lapse out of compliance after several format updates from the graduate school (including a recent one in 2009).

Back to Table of Contents OSU - It is the responsibility of the student to secure appropriate approvals and add citations to the document.

The Graduate School does not monitor these approvals.

Formatting check reviews may be suspended temporarily during formal submission deadlines so we can focus our full attention on the students who are graduating that term.

Consult the calendar of Academic Year Deadlines to plan your requests accordingly.

Additionally, the graduate school only officially supports helping students with documents "typeset" in Microsoft Word (and even their Word templates may require a more recent version than they claim on the website).

So back when I put together my dissertation (which has source code available to review) in 2010, I updated those old ECE templates for the 2010 format.


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