Organizational Change Management Case Studies

We are already suffering the consequences of change saturation, and a change management capability can help increase our capacity to handle new change.

Industry data suggests that 70% of change initiatives fail to deliver.

In the coming years, no core competency will be more important than the ability to effectively implement change.

With increasing internal and external pressures, our organization will only undertake more projects and initiatives.

During Phase 3, we will extend change management to all projects and initiatives and will include change management in the project launch and funding processes.

The Change Management Office will be fully functional and will support the application of change management and the building of individual change management competencies.One key source of this failure is that we do not pay adequate attention to employee adoption and usage.We have experienced the costs of not managing change and cannot afford to put at risk the changes we are about to embark upon.The primary critical assumption is that this effort will have the necessary and sufficient support by senior leaders.The effort will not be successful if change management is seen as optional.The scope of the project is two-fold: The objective of Project ECM is to improve our organizational maturity in change management, increase our change capability and improve the success rates of our projects and initiatives.The solution for Project ECM will involve two work streams: a technical side solution for institutionalizing and embedding change management and a people side solution for building the necessary buy-in and commitment to change management across the organization.We will increase the number of projects applying change management, build out a robust curriculum so that change leadership becomes a competency of all members of the organization (even weaving change management concepts into existing leadership development programs), and integrate change management into the project management methodology and other improvement disciplines.In addition, we will create and charter a Change Management Office.However, change management must also be attached to projects, and its impact must be made visible.It must become commonplace and viewed as a "must have" rather than a "nice to have." To achieve this, we must integrate change management in how projects are governed, including funding decisions, progress reviews, measurements, and resourcing and budgeting exercises.


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