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In the organizational culture, people and groups interact with each other, including clients, partners and employees.

It means that good organizational culture can bring into following benefits, including perfect customer service, efficient cooperation with partners, consistent employee performance and strong social responsibility.

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In other words, although there are diverse cultures in the large organizations, the common characteristics of beliefs are existed in the management team (Gordon 2008, P. The common beliefs shared by the members in the organisation are the essence of organization culture.

It is a kind of thinking mode which is approved by each other about the organisation.

Until this very day, this leadership expectation remains fundamental to the thoughts and actions of every single Mercedes employee.

2 The impact of organizational culture on strategic management Organizational culture plays an important role in the strategic management of companies.

States that managers consider the organisational culture as an effective control tool that can influence people’s thoughts, beliefs and value.

In other words, organizational culture can be used to achieve internal control and take advantage of the opportunities by companies.


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