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It is imperative that any person who is considering adoption thinks of open adoption and the opportunities that it comes with for all parties involved.In the past, adoption usually meant that an adopted child and his or her birth family would have no contact with each other once the adoption had taken place; this is often called "closed adoption".The birth parents have to battle down with grief and guilt of giving up their kid, as well as the constant fears as they wonder how the kid is being treated.

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The "Contact after Adoption" study has answered questions about what post-adoption contact arrangements are like from the point of view of children, adoptive parents and birth relatives.

The study has focused on children adopted in England who were under the age of four when placed for adoption.

Every time they have an encounter, I can always tell that the guilt is weighing down on her.

I realize that it would be worse than this if she never had any encounter with her daughter as she would always be troubled by the thoughts of her welfare.

Introduction Motherhood is arguably one of the most exciting experiences or any woman.

It comes with numerous obligations and responsibilities, especially for the mother.

For the birth parents, there is an enhanced sense of control and low uncertainty as they are always privy to the child’s conditions via frequent interactions with the adoptive parents (Caplan, 1991).

The parents also have reduced guilt, as they have an opportunity or a chance to have a relationship with both the child and the adoptive family.

It never should seem to put the present or future of the child at risk.

These reasons convince me that open adoption is the way to go and the most appropriate option. This arrangement is advantageous to the child in all aspects as he maintains his identity and confidence while being brought up in an enabling environment (Waters, 2005).


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