One Child Policy Essay

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The efficacy of the policy itself, though, has been challenged, as it is true that populations, generally, naturally taper off as societies get wealthier.Additional expenses, which would typically be paid by the government for the first child, are not covered for subsequent children.These expenses include education and healthcare for the entire family.China has a long history of encouraging birth control and family planning.However, by the late 70s, China's population was quickly approaching the 1 billion mark, and the Chinese government was forced to give serious consideration to curbing the population growth rate.Subsequently, one of the end results of China’s one child policy is that only wealthier families are afforded the “luxury” of having more than one child.Exceptions to the rule also exist for the following categories of family: The exceptions and work arounds generally mean though, that the birth rate is China is closer to 1.8 children per family than just one-child, as the name of the policy might indicate.This effort began in 1979 with mixed results, but was implemented more seriously and uniformly in 1980, as the government standardized the practice nationwide.There were, however, certain exceptions, for ethnic minorities, for those whose firstborn was handicapped, and for rural families in which the first-born was not a boy.With the implementation of the one-child policy, and the preference for male children, China saw a rise in female fetus abortions, increases in the number of baby girls left in orphanages, and even increases in infanticide of baby girls.There were 33 million more men, with 115 boys for every 100 girls, as compared to women in China.


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