Olin Shivers Phd Thesis

[....]"Some of the best stuff from opinion has been gathered by Olin himself, here: up it has the general feel of coming from a magical time before the invention of Acceptable Use Policies, anti-vilification policies, lawyers combing through everything that happens on campus and sensitivity in general.

An intro here from the above link, by Olin, quoting others: My posts aren't quite that gamy, but don't say I didn't warn you. To set context, the following quotes are a scattered selection taken from postings made by people other than myself during 1987. What is worse is that these bastards, with whom I am confused, owe the library $750.00.'' ``For about the past year (give or take a factor of two) I've been having a fair amount of fantasies about doing it with women who are very facially ugly, but have large, firm tits.'' ``I was booted from the girl scouts for `not being the right kind of girl for scouting.''' ``Sometimes I want to kill everyone that doesn't think like me /- some percentage of error.'' ``So tell me, how is using a sheep condom different than fucking one?

``I think I would be much happier if the underlying structure of the universe were significantly different.'' ``I believe that within our lifetimes it will be common to see people not just hopping but hovering and flying down the street to the store.'' ``Some where in its machinations, the library computer, or some other administration machine, has got the idea that I am the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. Nope, sorry you can't screw a sheep, but if you kill it, and remove everything but the large intestine, that's ok.

Riiight.'' ``The most gross food I ever ate was raw human flesh.'' ``I don't have an ice cube's chance in hell of finding lifelong happiness unless I can find a man as ugly as myself.'' ``Most people who don't use drugs are assholes'' ``I'd like my chance to pound you into a greasy pile of shit more closely resembling your personality'' ``I think $1 million is a lot for the life of a child!

Like all pursuits that matter, it is a long, sometimes frustrating, journey, but one that is generous, humbling, and extremely rewarding.

By choosing to conduct scientific research, you embark on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery.

I expect students to familiarise themselves with, and approve, these before signing a supervision contract.

Yes, I am always seeking ambitious, talented and motivated graduate students to join various projects. Please be precise and interesting in your application if you want to hear back from me.

If you are looking for research assistance for a disease, please CC Program Coordinator Jordan Barham on all correspondence. (2-3 sentence emails preferred.) For some common requests, I have a canned or automated solution: Please email me again (and again) if a critical items slips through.

For non-critical email, replies can take weeks or months (or years). Tweeting at me seems to get a reply more frequently than email.


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