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To ultimate aim of every business is to attract more and more customers.Competition exists in the market in terms of price, quality, features and offerings etc.It will help to support your point of view and prove that your ideas are valid.

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That is why you need to use all your knowledge, talent and skills to create an interesting and valuable content.

Very often students are assigned to write projects on: It is recommended to exceed professor’s expectations and use current data and studies even if your task is to write a simple business essay.

Your paper will be 100 % original and tailored specially for you. Not every individual has professional writing skills.

Writing an interesting content is considered a natural gift.

Direct competitors: A business that manufactures or offers a good or a service that is extremely similar to the other business in the same marketplace is called a direct competitor.

These two similar businesses operate in the same geographic region as each other and have the capability to reach the same potential customers.It is related to both academic writing and belletristic literature.Despite the fact that academic papers require a thorough data analysis, research work and investigation, it is still considered a creative work.Direct competitors offer almost similar type of products in the market with little difference in terms of product quality, features or price. Indirect Competitors: Other form of competition that business faces is called In Direct competition.These competitors may not offer similar product but operate in the same market and have the capability to attract a business’ customer base by providing them with an alternative.Price war is the most noted kind of competition among businesses.However, there are other forms of competition as well.It is due to the presence of rivals, that the price of products in a particular industry fluctuates.This is because the customers have a number of options to select the product which offers the best possible value for money.Indirect competitors sell products that are satisfy the same need of the consumers but by a different product offering altogether.These competitors although operate in a different sector, compete for the same customer base For example, taking the case of entertainment industry, theatres face stiff competition from other providers of entertainment activities such as theme parks, bowling alleys etc.


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