Numbering S In A Thesis

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Label and caption font size is the same as body text size.

Use adequate (at least one return) and consistent spacing between a figure and its label and caption, and between the figure and text.

A figure’s label and caption should be placed outside its boundaries, commonly above a table and below an illustration.

If both a figure and its label and caption do not fit on one page, place only the label on the page with the figure, and place the label and caption on a separate page that precedes the figure (called a legend page).

This heading page and its page number should appear in the Table of Contents. Insert the figure within the text, as close as possible after the first reference is made to it.

Place your figures at the end of the chapter in which it is first discussed or referenced. “Figures” include charts, diagrams, drawings, examples, graphs, illustrations, maps, photographs, etc.Research questions are directly tied to the purpose.They should be specific, clearly stated, and open ended (stay away from yes/no questions if you can).A table is broadly defined as a compact, systematic list of data (facts, figures, values, etc.), generally arranged in columns and/or rows.All tables must be listed in the pretext pages’ List of Tables.Every figure must have a label and caption unless there is only one figure of its type in the document.Use consecutive label numbers by order of appearance within the text. Illustrations that take up more than one page should have the label followed by “(Continued)” on the second page.Single-space the label and caption and center it 1/3 of the way down the page. All figures must be listed in the pretext pages’ List of Figures.List the page number of the legend page in the pretext list.This chapter reflects a deep understanding of what lies beneath the findings—that is, what those findings .Interpretation is presented systematically, and is related to the themes or patterns that have emerged.


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