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Networking Assignment-78
All the resource sharing as well as document sharing has been done with the help of VPN link.Remote access VPN: There is a VPN connection between a remote users and a VPN gateway over the internet.With the use of public IP address it can be reachable from distant access points not in the same networks. are the major requirements and VPN client should consider an open source (Barrett and King, 2005).

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In addition to this, it is also represented that how distributed and centralized computing impact this industry and all its operational considerations.

In today's global environment people go through with the higher studies so that they can easily achieve their target.

VPN networks helps them in stay connected with each other all the time and guarantee that all the data that has been send and receive is fully encrypted and secure from all the way (Kleinjohann, 2002).

Students can assess the different academic facilities or various resources on their network when they are not at home or travelling.

For this purpose all the staff members and students needs to follow various computer network security policies and procedures.

The entire report gives the proper description of various risk management strategies and techniques.

It makes possible a secure connection and user will be access everything from their offices.

A server mainly required with a public IP address and it should be run 24/7.

It will help the university to directly get connected with all their students in different countries.

It uses a shared network and also maintains an additional level privacy.


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