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Educators can ask program and pedagogical questions to support classroom implementation and instruction with their HMH program. Ask your district/school administrator to forward you the license redemption link, or assign you a unique Membership ID 2.

Click on the license redemption link or go to and enter your Membership ID to register. Create your own user profile in the system, including user name and password, to complete your license activation. An HMH Content Expert will respond to you within one business day You ask and we will answer!

The access location is slightly different depending on the platform, in Holt Mc Dougal Online (com) there is an icon that says HMHONE Assessments that users will find on the dashboard.

For students in Think Central the link can be found at the top of the To Do list.

Your child will need a username and password to access the On-Line Textbooks.

These usernames are to be given by your child's classroom teacher.

Holt algebra 1/geometry/algebra 2 series Our high school algebra/geometry series uses the Holt algebra 1/geometry/algebra 2 series.

This series has helpful on-line components to support students.

Click here to learn more about accessing and using Ask HMH 1. We have answered a wide variety of questions through Ask HMH. Whether you have a program implementation inquiry, a technical support need, or an instructional practice question our Ask HMH experts are prepared to support or seamless connect you with someone that can!

Go to Ask and click the Login button, and then enter the user credentials you created. Select the name of your program from the drop-down menu. Here is a list of some of the recent questions we have received from actual Ask HMH customers: • I would love to start incorporating the online components of the program into my class, but I don’t know where to begin. • What remedial materials are available for those struggling students using GO Math! • Are there blackline masters for take home decodable books for Kindergarten? • We are wondering about the objectives of the geometry unit. Are 3D shapes referred to as “solids” throughout the program as students’ progress to higher grades?


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