Music Business Internship Cover Letter

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Using my social media and organizational skills, I am excited about the idea of assisting Crane & Jenkins, a place that helps young people live fulfilling lives.

I was recently the Social Media Manager at Retail Ocean, where I managed content calendars, wrote and edited posts, and moderated comments on social media channels.

For example, if 100 people apply to a job online, maybe 20 or 30 of those resumes actually make it past HR and to the hiring manager. AND even if you are hired from within, you still apply on the website. Sony Australia is a very small company which is why you might be having trouble getting in there.

There are people that do get hired because of who they know, but that happens at every company. A lot of people there (and at all the Sony locations) hire people that were temps.

It increased Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook activity by 70% in a month. I look forward to hearing from you, in addition to learning more about the Intern position and working for Crane & Jenkins.

Varied experiences are essential to my growth, and interning at Crane & Jenkins will give me opportunities to apply my skills, help the team spread its message, and grow as a young professional.I was a fit for several jobs they've posted, but have never been contacted by HR.The route I go through is networking, I know people who work there, and f I am interested in something posted I contact friends and have them forward my info to the hiring manager.I want to get a job in the marketing department of a record company (preferably at Sony Music Australia) but have no previous experience in the music industry.However, I do have a bachelor degree in Business/Marketing, 5 years experience in the area and I know a few renowned local musicians.I am creative and tech-savvy, and I live for creating content that not only reaches a wide audience but sticks with them as well.I am efficient, can meet deadlines, and quickly create content.I am passionate about blending visual elements with text and can incorporate both into posts.With a goal to increase Retail Ocean’s engagement on social media, I created a new social media strategy.I don't believe it's worthwhile to go through the online application system.I am experienced in the music business, having worked at all of Sony's competitors.


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