Motivation For Pursuing Mba Essay

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My uncle, on the other hand, continued his education by moving to the United States to earn an MBA, then started his own venture and became a successful businessman in Los Angeles.

Evaluating their experiences helped me understand what I wanted from my life and create a master plan for my career.

I also believe that management education can help me develop other vital skills essential to my standing as a professional.

For example, I will benefit from the opportunity to further polish my public speaking ability and hone my skills as a negotiator.

During my tenure with the MAS department, I have encountered challenges that have motivated me to seek a management degree.

For example, last year, we conducted a process risk review for a cash-starved Indian auto ancillary that had expanded capacity without assessing sources of competitive advantage.While I appreciate the excitement, flexibility, and independence my uncle has in his life, I value my father's proximity to his family and culture.I now realize that a career as an entrepreneur in India could provide me with the best of both worlds.With the objective of learning about business, I completed my bachelor's degree in Commerce and joined KPMG in the Audit & Business Advisory Department.I believed that a career with an accounting firm would serve me in two ways: first, by enhancing my knowledge of accounting -- the language of business -- and second, by providing me with an excellent introduction to the business world.Thus, when the Management Assurance Services (MAS) practice was established in India, the challenge of working in a new service line and the opportunity to help improve the risk management mechanisms of businesses influenced me to join it.In the last three years, I have improved risk management capabilities of clients by addressing strategic, enterprise and operational risk issues.It was clear that the company needed to rethink its business and operational strategy.Since the MAS department lacked the necessary skills to execute the project, we hired consultants to assist us in the assignment.MBA essays can be hard to write, but they are one of the most important parts of the MBA application process.If you need help getting started, you may want to view a few sample MBA essays for inspiration.


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