Model Based Problem Solving

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Do some brainstorming or use a creative problem solving technique to consider all ideas (do not critique them, just list them) and then sort those ideas into do-able, not, or maybe. Most successful business owners also have some sort of support system behind them: their friends, families, partners, even their bankers or lenders. I've worked with clients before in putting together business plans for financing and the plan numbers are simply ridiculously overstated!

Use problem solving models that you're familiar with if you need to solve issues quickly. I would like to use this page (giving full credit) to teach my students how to write good business value statements for the HR Strategic Plan they are required to prepare. No banker will believe widely inflated sales projections.

No matter the cause of the problem, it is important that you do not lay blame for it.

This will only cause defensive behavior on the part of your employees or suppliers; soon they will try to mask those problems from you.

Solutions provider sounds so much more positive ...

moving the focus from the problems to the solutions.

The goal in problem solving is to define the problem, solve it, and put in place procedures so that problem does not recur. Professor of Management, Maryland, USA (Note from Kris: I was happy to give permission to use as the source was fully credited.) Hi Kris, I really appreciate your collection of business resources on your site; it provides a fantastic outline for writing a business plan as well as the detailed information needed to prepare the content for a great plan. I would like your permission to quote your website within my paper for a marketing class I am taking to earn my Bachelors in Business Management.

Some of the more complex problems need to have solutions you won't necessarily think of right away. I am currently in a marketing class and I find the simplicity of your definitions and the ease with which you convey the ideas and terms of marketing to be very helpful. Amanda, USA One in three small businesses will fail within the first five years of operations. First, make sure that you have the right stuff to be a business owner: you need staying power, the ability to tolerate uncertainty and risk (or understand that no business is a 'sure thing'), and you need the ability to handle stress (such as how will you make payroll next week, how will you build your sales, etc.).

If you cannot define the problem correctly, it is challenging to solve that problem.

There are a number of problem solving techniques to use: It's how you handle those problems that makes the difference between failure and success.


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