Mcdonalds Case Study Analysis Strategic Management

Mcdonalds Case Study Analysis Strategic Management-4
The authors also state that once the company or organization has made its strategic choices, it is able to understand their strategic context in order to define the critical tasks that should be undertaken and ensure that these critical tasks are in line with the culture, people and activities in the organization.Strategic choices can be incorrect and may act as critical tasks off the organization's target.In case of mismanagement or conflicts in staff, HR dept. The designed strategies should be implemented or execute in all Mc Donald’s overall the world, because Mc Donald’s is globally recognized restaurants and improvement is needed, everywhere around the world.

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Background information This analysis is conducted with core competence as the major concept under analysis.

Prahalad and Hamel (1990) define core competence as the collective learning inside an organization which creates the capacity for the organization to coordinate the diverse skills in the organization and also integrate different forms of technologies in order to gain competitive advantage.

The first section gives a brief background of the problems faced by Mc Donald's while the second section is a discussion of the major problems which Mc Donald's is facing.

The last section offers suggestions on how these problems can be resolved and a strong evaluation of each of the recommendations mentioned.

The first factor is the environment in which the organization operates while the second are the resources that are available to the organization.

The last factor is the history of the organization which shows the development of the organization and the changes that have taken place over the years.

Further to this, the company faces steep competition from rivals such as Burger King which keeps the management constantly on their toes trying to come up with new and innovative ways to help Mc Donald's gain and maintain their competitive advantage.

The problems faced by the company were analyzed in detail to provide this case analysis report which is divided into three major sections.

This case analysis report is structured as a descriptive case analysis and will only convey information to the reader.

However, the information provided will be detailed and substantial to enable the reader understand the problems faced by Mc Donald's and how they can be resolved for the future of the company or organization.


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