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The master thesis comprises the research work including the written report, the thesis, under the guidance of a supervisor from the Department of Mathematics and of his/her research group.In principle, theses are made in one of the domains belonging to the research expertise of the Department, but domains which are closely related to mathematics, are possible as well (e.g. Students are expected to become integrated during some months in the research group.It is possible to deviate from the days mentioned above.

If for one or more of these components this is not the case, the maximum score will be 9/20.

There is no resit for the intermediate presentation (in January) and the seminar for the research group (in April/May), as outlined in the regulations for a master's thesis in Mathematics.

Each quotation is determined by means of the facultary assessment roster and appreciation scale.

Additional informtion on the evaluation of the master's thesis is to be found on the faculty website.

Every Programme has its own procedure for choosing a topic. You will receive information by email Which objectives are aimed at with the master's thesis? Who's part of the guiding team of the master's thesis? workflow e-thesis (electronic submission of the Master's Thesis via KU Loket) Who evaluates the master's thesis?

How is checked whether a student has reached the objectives or the master's thesis?Master's thesis topic: validity period If the supervisor, at the end of the 3rd examination period of the second stage, finds that insufficient progress is made, this will be discussed with the student.The chairman of the programme committee will be informed.It may be possible that in that case the choice of the topic lapses and that a new topic must be chosen.Reasons for the cancellation of the topic may be because: The evaluation consists of the assessment of both process and product (form and content; manuscript and defense).The concept note is based on the existing educational concept of the Faculty, enriched by conclusions from discussions within the Working Group Master’s Thesis during academic year 2009-2010. There are some Faculty Regulations for the layout of a master's thesis.Additionally, parts of the Faculty Regulations are added to the concept note. More information on plagiarism and references can be found here.They have to get involved in the current research by following seminars, participating in discussions, studying and, last but not least, by carrying out the specific activities (computations, simulations, exploration and/or construction of proofs, etc.) leading to the solution of the posed research problem.The results have to be reported in a scientific text and have to be presented and defended in front of the fellow students and the staff of the Department.Complementary regulations for a master's thesis in Mathematics are to be found on the webpages of the Department of Mathematics.In order to succeed the master’s thesis, the student must obtain a credit for the supervisor apart, the average of the results of the readers taken together (taking into account the rounding rules) and the defence apart.


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