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Luis progressed along this negative path for a period of his life, before becoming involved in a community center.

Unlike the treadmill, when an individual runs on the road, the exercise may be affected by external and environmental factors.

For example, if it starts raining, the individual has to quit running. Garavito’s approach was studiously planned and executed.

It relays conflicts his mother and father had regarding whether to stay in the United States or return to Mexico.

The narrative then goes on to explore Luis’ childhood and education.

Likewise, if there is a political strike and the individual’s favorite path is blocked, the individual may not feel like running that day......the elderly and children's education, in that way gaining entrance to schools as a speaker”” (qtd. He would patiently befriend the boys, using various disguises (street vendor, bum, priest) and props, such as different hair-dos.

He would secure their confidence by giving them juice or cake at a local shop and then lure with different strategies.

‘Always Running’ presents a powerful narrative account of Luis life.

This story begins with Luis remembering his childhood.

It indicates that because of his language barrier he had difficulty in school.

These challenges led him to eventually join a gang to achieve a sense of belonging and protection.


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