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It’s a quick diagnostic tool you can use to determine if your students have a clear grasp of some essential strategies that will help them succeed with this genre.Going forward, you will of course want to revisit skills that students need more practice on.

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Today we’re going to practice pulling notes out of the texts to ANSWER the question.

This is a REALLY IMPORTANT LITERARY ANALYSIS SKILL, not just for the PARCC, but for college and life!

Example Prompt: Think about how the structural elements in “Emergency on the Mountain” differ from the structural elements in the poem “Mountains.” Write an essay that explains the differences in the structural elements between the passage and the poem.

Be sure to include specific examples from both texts to support your response. If you don’t see HOW or WHY, find the verb and insert HOW: Example Prompt: Where the Red Fern Grows and “The Lighthouse Lamp” are written from different points of view.

F By Sarah Tantillo As we all strive to help our students meet and exceed the Common Core Standards, one reality we also have to prepare them for is the standardized assessments they will face.

Depending on what state you live in, your students might take the PARCC, the SBAC, or something else.Objective: SWBAT close read text #1 in response to the unpacked prompt in order to take notes for an essay response (untimed).Time Frame: 40-50 minutes Intro: [Do Now: Practice turning prompts into questions.] Yesterday we practiced turning the prompts into questions.Follow “I Do,” “We Do,” then “You Do.” Students practice turning given prompts into questions.NOTE: If prompts require students to infer theme, check out this helpful post on how to infer themes.It familiarizes students with that genre of writing and builds needed reading and writing skills.You will note that it mirrors the Research Simulation Task in some respects, albeit with literature as opposed to nonfiction (and uses only two texts instead of three).2) When taking the PARCC, why do we ONLY take notes on the question? By now, we should all be experts at turning prompts into questions. Why is it so important to only take notes on the question? (I Do, We Do, You Do) (NOTE: For more thoughts on Compare/Contrast writing, see here.) Objective: SWBAT: Time Frame: 30-40 minutes Intro: Most of the Literary Analysis prompts ask us to compare and contrast in some way, so we will need to identify similarities in our notes.(Discuss) Today our goal is to get better at taking EFFICIENT notes when reading a text. We’re going to use a simple approach: using checkmarks to identify those similarities.I have written numerous posts on how to teach literary analysis writing HERE.You will want to review this post on Essential Literacy Work Before You Begin Test Prep.


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