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One aspect that the SSAT and ISEE have in common is the writing sample.Each test asks the student to write a relatively short essay in response to a prompt provided by the test.Naturally, parents are concerned about how to best prepare students for the essays. Read these with your student to be sure they know what to expect. Neither the SSAT nor the ISEE writing samples are scored.

The readers don’t want to read about games, movies, or other popular culture, though these can be used as examples.

Again, the writing sample is only one, ungraded, part of your SSAT or ISEE.

Both tests give students a page for notes and two lined pages for the actual essay.

The SSAT essay is at the beginning of the test, while the ISEE essay is at the end.

The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is used by most of the independent schools as part of their admission criteria into grades 5-12.

These tests are conducted at one of the 400 Prometric test centers across the world, on almost every day of the week.

It is much stronger to say that loyalty is important, then share the time you were loyal to a classmate when they were getting picked on for being different.

Since this is a standardized test, there are some additional factors we should be considering. Although our goal is, of course, none, one or two errors won’t distract the reader from your message or make it hard for them to understand you. You are writing to an adult, or a group of adults, who don’t know you.

Roosevelt.” We don’t want our pages covered by a solid block of words.

We want clear paragraph breaks to indicate new subjects.


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