Internet Projects For Students

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CC BY: Attribution Items with this license can be used for non-commercial OR commercial purposes, and all the user has to do is give credit to the original artist.

[Both license images above came from Creative Commons and are licensed under CC BY 4.0] Free Stock Photo Sites These fantastic sites curate free, high-quality images that are all CC0 licensed.

I can also hyperlink the author’s name to his page on Flickr, the photo sharing site where the photographer stores his photos, and the name of the license to the license page on the Creative Commons website.

In Print Because print publications don’t allow hyperlinking, I would need to add the URL information to the attribution: Blood Orange Shine (https:// protected]/14995800960/) by Derek Gavey is licensed under CC BY 2.0 ( If doing this right by the photo would make my product look less attractive, I can add the photo credit to the bottom of the page or on a page of photo credits.

You can learn about all of the licenses here, but the safest bet is to steer students toward pictures that have the two least restrictive licenses: CC0: Creative Commons Zero This is the least restrictive level, and the one students should look for first.

Items marked as CC0 can be used by anyone, for any purpose without having to get permission or give credit to the artist.As our students create more and more digital products—blog posts, videos, podcasts, e-books—they should be using images to enhance them.Images grab an audience’s attention, they can illustrate key concepts, set a certain tone, and present a more complete understanding of the ideas you’re putting out there.Just be sure to open up the Tools after you search, and check one of the options under “Usage rights” that will remove all of the photos that have not been labeled for some kind of reuse.Checking “Labeled for reuse with modification” should give you images that have the least amount of restrictions.And the internet is absolutely teeming with images students can grab and use in a matter of seconds. Despite the fact that these images are easy to get, using them may be illegal.Is legal image use really a big deal with school projects?This is a great route to take, because you can get started right away, it’s free, and there’s no copyright to worry about.Students can create their own illustrations in two ways: Students can take their own digital photos and upload them in a heartbeat, using sites like Pic Monkey and Pixlr to edit or enhance them for free.If students use an image that requires attribution, students should simply add a line of text underneath the image providing four pieces of information (Creative Commons recommends using the acronym TASL to remember these): T = the title of the image A = the author (or artist) S = the source (or where it is located online) L = the license for the image Ideally, the attribution should be placed fairly close to the image, so that those who view it connect the information to the picture.Here are some examples of properly attributed images: Online If you use the image in a blog post or on a website, you can place the attribution in the caption or on a line of text below the image: by just hyperlinking the title to URL of the site where the image is stored.


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