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In normal situations, we would recommend entering your Cost of Sales for each product or service directly into the Sales Forecast table.However, in some situations you may require a more detailed worksheet to calculate the Cost of Sales for your products or services.

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It took 11 months because the paperwork is also insane and required a lot of other things to fill it out. Only money spent was on what I was billed from California ABC and BOE. My thought was, "I know I am going to do this someday..I might as well start the process now while I'm getting paid just so it is set up for when I am ready".

I should mention my mom helped me fill out paperwork and do some research...

mom's are good at that and I recommend the resource.

Around the summer of 2013 the momentum of the business started to grow..I hadn't done anything yet.

Just the thoughts I put into wanting it were enough to get the energy flowing. September - December 2013: Thinking about where to go find wine, how I wanted to sell wine, designing a website and just getting my shi* together...which takes longer than you think.

I also was getting very tired of my job and it was a natural transition to leave that job and start seriously pursuing the wine importing. and had spent the last 12 months getting rid of bills and socking money away. ;) Around this time my partner got on board as the web developer and techie.

Good example of things unfolding exactly when you are ready for them. Which is another good place to remind you that a benefit of starting your business slowly is you have time to clean up your spending habits and sock away money.

January 2014 - December 2014: Left the country, wanted to squeeze in some cheap Asian travel and then landed in Europe in March. We also did some market research via surveys and started developing a presence on social media..which cost nothing.

We hear "how hard it is to find a job" and quickly transition from doing things because we want to... But that is okay, because the point of life is to live, learn and continually define what is is we want and then go for it. I had known for a long time I wanted my own business. Often this is not about hiring a lawyer..about visiting the city hall and asking the clerk and getting the next step.

Because her side project of selling things on Amazon was about to tip and make her six figures a year and she just didn't need to work for anyone else anymore. So there I was drinking my wine and wondering what I should import... You need time to learn about what literally needs to happen to do ___enter business idea here___. But this research is different than business school research.


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