How To Write A Poetry Essay

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Tone and the mood evoked from the tone may be used as evidence in supporting the theme.

Figurative language, including metaphors, similes, personification, hyperbole and symbolism, may add to the discussion of the theme of a poem.

You have to review all the components that make up the poem. You can even make it several times in order to get a general idea and all concepts included in the poem.

Those are multiple artistic, functional, and structural pieces. While reading, take notes on the following points: But before you start writing, remember!

And exactly this style is that distinctive feature which gives the strong basis for the poetry analysis.

Writing the poetry analysis essay is not an easy assignment.The art of poetry requires not just significant writing skills but also talent.Poets can just in a few lines reveal their souls and tell you the whole story.Once the meaning of the words and phrases in the poem have been determined, develop an idea about the subject of the poem as a first step in creating an analysis of the overall theme.Asking the questions "who," "what," "where," "when" and "why" can help to focus understanding of the poem.Additionally, word choice and the use of abstract or concrete details play a role in theme of a poem.The structure of a poem can be used as an argument to support the overall message of the poem.Determining the "what" creates focus on the general topic or subject of the poem and can also be used to describe the plot of the poem.Answering the "who" question is identifying the speaker of the poem.So, analyzing the poem you should interpret its elements providing multiple possibilities of what the author was trying to put into words.But, don’t be ambiguous, pick the side, and support your ideas with valid pieces of evidence.


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