How To Write A Number Sentence To Solve A Problem

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In decimal number system, the positions successive to the left of the decimal point represent units, tens, hundreds, thousands and so on.

Every position shows a particular power of the base (10).

They will probably start learning about addition by making two groups (for example: 5 bananas and 2 apples) and putting them together.

They then develop towards working out how to write these numbers and arrange them with the symbols and = to make a number sentence that makes sense.

Let’s take an example to understand the concept of Open number sentence.

A B = 5 the expression can be true or false that depend on the value of A and B if the value of A=2 and B=3 then the given expression is true and comes under True number sentence but if the value of A=4 and B=2 then the given expression is false number sentence.

Another one is let’s take out the addition sign between the both numbers, then again it is not.

Open number sentence is an expression that contain variables and result of which either become true or false depending on the value of the variable.

Remove any of those required elements, and again, you no longer have a number sentence.

Another type of number sentence we can make is an inequality.


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