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He invented the French lottery—and as one of the guys who ran it, made buckets of money.

He invented the French lottery—and as one of the guys who ran it, made buckets of money.He was very happy after he escaped Italian prison for Paris, and had plenty of opportunities to settle down. And so he came to the end of his life—isolated, aging, and alone.

(The essay describes one of the odd souls who was his neighbor for a spell—a novelist named David Foster Wallace.) Wilsey’s memoir, , a feminist reinvestigation of Casanova and his work.

The writer, Judith Summers, went back to study the women Casanova seduced and wrote about.

In an array of playful essays with serious hearts—there are pieces on NASA and skateboarding, New York City’s rats and Shake Shacks, the World Cup and U. road trips—Wilsey explores the tension between staying home and finding an escape.

staff writer, Sean Wilsey lives in Marfa, Texas—the remote town and artist’s enclave that he chronicles at length in the book.

Something about this line deepens the whole project for me.

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I also think this line contains crucial insight about the process of writing one’s own life.

(Though there is one scene I can think of where he literally manages to screw somebody through the bars of a prison.) Eventually, though, there comes a point where “every favor has been granted,” to put it in the language of Casanova. After a while, you want to scream—He misses out on so much of life by never allowing these relationships to go beyond the initial attraction. By the end of his life, Casanova found himself in greatly reduced circumstances.

He worked as a librarian for a nobleman in Bohemia, and was considered a ridiculous, comical figure. There were moments when Casanova was on top of the world.

What were their lives like, and how did these seductions affect them?

In his writings, at least, Casanova made a huge point of humanizing the people he got involved with sexually.


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