How To Solve Digestive Problems

How To Solve Digestive Problems-49
Aim for at least 30 minutes each day but avoid strenuous workouts right after eating.

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Turn off the TV and resist looking at your computer or smartphone while eating—distracted people will eat significantly more food than when they put the focus just on eating.

For a substance that really doesn’t get absorbed in our body, it’s surprising how much healthy digestion relies on fiber to keep things purring like a kitten. Soluble fiber dissolves in water, helping slow down digestion and absorption, making you feel fuller for longer.

It also slows down the amount of glucose entering into the bloodstream, keeping blood sugar levels at a more even level.

Insoluble fiber passes through unabsorbed, but it attracts water to it in the colon creating a softer, bulkier, easier-to-pass bowel movement, reducing constipation and pain.

He is chairman of urology, chief of robotic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital.

He is a medical correspondent for the Fox News Channel’s Medical A-Team. Samadi on Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Samadi and Facebook.

Maintaining a balance between good and bad bacteria can sometimes be tricky, and when the bad bacteria dominates, we certainly feel it with a dysfunctional digestive system.

Supplementing your good bacteria with food sources containing probiotics are usually the best way to get your gut bacteria in balance.

A happy, well-functioning digestive system is fundamental to keeping us healthy and feeling good.

Having a turbulent tummy can ruin the best of days for anyone.


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