How To Solve Algebra 1 Problems

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Well, and once again, when I just write the 3/4 right next to the parentheses like that, that's just another way of writing times.

Well, and once again, when I just write the 3/4 right next to the parentheses like that, that's just another way of writing times.

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In other words a formula is the same as an equation.

If we designate the total book club cost as C, we may derive the following formula for the expression: $$C=10 2x$$ If we then want to know how many books we may get from the book club for $30 we can either continue filling in the table above or use the properties of equations that we handled in the last section. When we want to solve an equation including one unknown variable, as x in the example above, we always aim at isolating the unknown variable.

Once you have finished, press "finish" and you get a table with your answers and the right answers to compare with.

So at first this might look a little unfamiliar for you, but if I were to rephrase this, I think you'll realize this is a pretty easy problem.

Or click the "Show Answers" button at the bottom of the page to see all the answers at once.

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This is done by subtracting 16 from both sides $x 16\, =30\, $$ $x=14$$ Divide both sides by 7 to isolate the variable $$\frac=\frac$$ $$x=2$$ If you have an equation where you have variables on both sides you do basically the same thing as before. Before you have worked by first collecting all constant terms on one side and keep the variable terms on the other side. You collect all constant terms on one side and the variable terms on the other side.

It's usually a good idea to collect all variables on the side that has the variable with the highest coefficient i.e.

If your equation contains like terms it is preferable to begin by combining the like terms before continuing solving the equation.

Example $x 14 2x 2=30$$ Begin by combining the like terms (all terms including the same variable x and all constants) $$\left (5x 2x \right ) \left (14 2 \right )=30$$ $x 16=30$$ Now it's time to isolate the variable from the constant part.


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