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The power of nature is also presented as a magic in the story.

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Visual illusions occur when there is a mismatch between your perceptual experience and the true state of the world.

In the Müller-Lyer illusion, for example, the top line appears shorter than the bottom, although they are exactly the same length.

He made things disappear in the air and brought them out of our pockets. It would be nice to be a famous magician when I grow up.

Magicians dress up in colorful clothes for their show. But when the boy put his hand in his pockets he found his watch there. The magician made his assistant fly in the air, cut him two with a sword, and then joined him again. I wish I too could perform such tricks and entertain people with my skill.

The first magic in the story is the growth of the secret garden.

The locked secret garden is totally dead in the beginning.

While some magicians would like you to believe that they possess real magical powers, the true secret behind magic lies in clever psychological techniques that exploit limitations in the way our brains work. Vision is our most trusted sense, and influences many of our thoughts and behaviours.

Many of these limitations are very counter-intuitive which is why we can experience the magical wonder of the impossible. In fact, vision is so important that we often don’t believe things until we see them with our own eyes.

He covered it with a piece of cloth and broke it with a hammer.

We can never understand how they perform their tricks. My father had got tickets for the evening show as a surprise for my birthday. He called a boy from the audience and asked for his watch.


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