How Jrotc Builds Leadership Essay

Visit the JROTC website for a list of participating schools by state. JROTC is distinct from ROTC, a program for college students who receive a scholarship covering all or part of their tuition contingent upon their fulfillment of an active military service duty upon college graduation.(For more information on ROTC and other college scholarships, check out our posts, A Guide to ROTC Scholarships and You Were Accepted to Your Dream College But Can’t Afford It…Now What?Since JROTC provides you with numerous opportunities to take on challenges, compete, and earn awards and honors, participating in the program can certainly help you stand out to admissions committees.

You may also have the opportunity to earn special awards and join honor societies.

If you choose to pursue a military career, you may also be able to earn or start at a higher rank.

Moreover, if you are planning on studying a related discipline, such as military history, a JROTC membership can contribute to a cohesive, specialized application profile.

While JROTC may not be for everyone, the program has a number of benefits that will help you develop good citizenry and leadership skills, as well as stand out to admissions committees.

Training included a 10k ruck march, a CS gas chamber, a high ropes and obstacle course, and 4 days in the field.

Although camp was physically and mentally challenging the friendships I made and the lessons I learned made it all worth it.

JROTC also helps you improve your physical fitness and learn practical military-related skills.

Cadets, as they’re referred to in JROTC, have the opportunity to develop these skills through participating in certain extracurricular activities or competitions between different units in skills like drills, orienteering, and marksmanship.

While community service isn’t an explicit requirement for admission to most colleges, participating will reflect well on you and demonstrate that you care about helping others and bettering your community.

JROTC is a nationally known and well-respected organization that will catch the attention of admissions officers and demonstrate your sense of discipline and dedication to your country.


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