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In addition, students should be given sufficient time so that they are willing to complete their homework.

To this end, schools should note the following when they assign homework to students: A holistic homework policy should be formulated through collaboration between subject departments.

Flexibility and tailor-made materials: Homework with the same design may vary in requirements and allow flexibility to cater for students of different abilities and learning styles.

It enables teachers to understand students’ performance in learning and help them solve problems.

Table 8.1 provides some examples of homework design and their special features: Placing emphasis on helping students to develop good learning habits such as reading habits and positive values and attitudes including self-discipline, self-reflection, responsibility and passion for learning It is the quality rather than the quantity of homework that matters.

An appropriate amount of meaningful homework should be assigned to motivate students to learn.It allows upper primary students to take the initiative in selecting themes, planning and employing appropriate thinking strategies for compiling and recording the information obtained from reading.Students can achieve their personalised targets within the scheduled time and experience the process of self-directed learning.experiments, surveys and creative work to develop students’ habit of self-directed learning, independence and creativity.Students can be invited to give oral reports based on the findings from their observation or discussion with parents and friends, or given homework such as model-making and other learning activities that interest them.It also enables students to learn to take up their responsibility, build their confidence and develop their capabilities in independent learning.Quality homework can even enhance students’ high-order thinking and inspire students to set their goals and pursue excellence.To summarise what is seen over the last decade, the design of homework has become more and more diverse, and it not only aligns with the development of the curriculum but also caters for the learning needs of students.In order to maximise the benefits of homework, schools should balance the quality and quantity of homework and conduct review and holistic planning on a regular basis, so as to facilitate alignment among various KLAs/subjects and further improve the schools’ homework policy.The Vice School Head or Primary School Curriculum Leader can be assigned to oversee and coordinate the homework policy across different subject departments, and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the policy.Currently, there is a wide variety of homework including worksheets, lesson preparation, note-taking, research, book reports, oral practice, newspaper clippings, drawing and handiwork.


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