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Well the teacher couldn't figure out what Johnny had in mind for his report on something exciting, so she asked him just what that was."It's a period" reported Johnny."Well I can see that" she said.

"but what is so exciting about a period.""Damned if I know" said Johnny, "but this morning my sister said she missed one.

He went to his baby brother's crib and found that his baby brother had taken a crap in his diaper.

So Little Johnny went to his parent's room to get help.

When he got to his parent's bedroom, he looked through the keyhole to check if his parents were asleep.

Through the keyhole he saw his mom loudly snoring, buthis dad wasn't there. When he looked through the maid's room keyhole, he saw his dad having sex with his maid.Do any of you know why his father didn't punish him?" Little Johnny replies, "Because George was the one holding the axe?When the time came for the little kids to give their reports, the teacher was calling on them one at a time.She was reluctant to call upon Little Johnny, knowing that he sometimes could be a bit crude. Little Johnny walked up to the front of the class, and with a piece of chalk, made a small white dot on the blackboard, then sat back down.If there were three women eating ice cream cones in a shop, one was licking her cone, the second was biting her cone and the third was sucking her cone, which one is married?" "Well," said the teacher nervously, "I guess the one sucking the cone." "No," said Little Johnny, "the one with the wedding ring on her finger, but I like the way you're thinking.""If you had a dollar," quizzed the teacher, "and you asked your father for another dollar and fifty cents, how much money would you have? "You don't know your basic math." said the teacher shaking her head, disappointed."Little April was not the best student in Sunday school. One day the teacher called on her while she was napping, "Tell me, April, who created the universe?" When April didn't stir, little Johnny, a boy seated in the chair behind her, took a pin and jabbed her in the rear. " shouted April and the teacher said, "Very good" and April fell back asleep." The little boy answered, "I'm doing my math homework." "And this is how your teacher taught you to do it? " The teacher replied, "Right now, we are learning addition." The mother asked, "And are you teaching them to say two plus two, that son of a bitch is four?" After the teacher stopped laughing, she answered, "What I taught them was, two plus two, the sum of which is four."A new teacher was trying to make use of her psychology courses.


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