Homework For Teachers

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They discuss everything from how the police might react to try and make an arrest, the process of getting a warrant and the rights of someone who has been accused.

“It’s much more interesting and entertaining than some dull recitation of the Illinois Bill of Rights,” he says. sometimes Don Fulmer, a social studies teacher at Lake Park High School in Roselle, Illinois, will typically give an in-class five-question quiz to hold students accountable on home reading assignments.

Once engaged in this way, students may be more likely to complete additional work associated with the lesson. If a student is struggling, Fulmer will pull them aside and ask why they are doing poorly.

Depending on the answer, Fulmer sometimes will give another set of five questions and let the student try again.

For most students, once the school day ends, homework is supposed to begin.

Homework For Teachers

Completing that homework, however, can be just as stressful for educators as it for the students.Getting a second chance can motivate a student going forward. Get other adults involved “Parents are your greatest ally,” Fulmer says.“I don’t go to the parents right away, but if there’s a pattern of homework that isn’t being done, I go to the parents and usually the homework is then turned in on-time.” Sometimes that isn’t enough.So Fulmer made a connection between the student and the school music teacher, which eventually led to an “electric air-guitar club.” Fulmer also gave the student a book about the history of electric guitars and the life of renowned musician and electric guitar innovator Les Paul.By taking an interest in the student’s life, Fulmer’s words had much deeper resonance when he told the student: “I really need you to turn your homework in tomorrow.” “You have to remember that this is a human business,” Fulmer says. We are making the next leaders of the 21st Century.For example, teachers can reinforce math skills with elementary students by asking them to search for geometric shapes at home or to count the number of items such as windows, doors, eating utensils, chair or table legs, and then manipulate the numbers using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.Teachers can ask middle or high schoolers to read newspaper, magazine, or internet articles to find new vocabulary words, uses of parts of speech, or examples of description and political persuasion.“The student was mortified, but his grades improved because it had an impact on something he absolutely loved to do,” Fulmer says. Connect with a student through their interests Even if a student isn’t involved in an extracurricular activity, reaching out and relating to their personal interests can help motivate, because it shows you care.For example, Fulmer was struggling to engage a particular student when he found out he liked electric guitars, but didn’t have one of his own.For example, describes Fulmer, when a star football player was ineligible to play because of grades, Fulmer reached out to the football coach and asked for help.As a result, the football coach went as far as escorting that student to class and sitting next to him in order to encourage him to get his grades up.


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