High Blood Pressure Thesis

Medical science has discovered many risk factors of high blood pressure to make it easier for us to avoid it.

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Medical science has figured out these risk factors to help people stay away from this hazardous disease.

These factors help people to take extra care as once a person knows he has the risk of developing a medical problem; he will stay away from it (Gregson 14).

Age is an important factor that increases the risk of blood pressure.

As people get older, they are likely to develop high blood pressure issues.

Accurate measurement of blood pressure in the presence of findings in the history and physical examination of a patient can bring to light a diagnosis that may pertain to any of the above factors.

This is why measurement of blood pressure is an integral part of general as well as cardiovascular examination.

There can be other factors because of which the risk factor of high blood pressure rises amongst these youngsters.

However, 90% of the people aged above 40 have high blood pressure (Ronzio 123).

Everyone is at risk for this disease, however, it is a higher risk among older people due to the natural process of aging and the wear and tear that their body has gone through (Food and Drug Administration, 2007). High Blood Pressure Measurement Introduction Blood pressure measurement is among the most important and commonly performed office tests; however, man people tend to undervalue the importance of the test.

As a matter of fact, the according to Geddes and Newberg (1992) nearly 45% of adults tend to have high blood pressure without their knowledge.


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