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Essays are, in short, stories that examine other stories.

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Both scientists and essayists acknowledge that their conclusions are provisional.

But by collecting reliable data and thinking clearly and creatively, scientists and essayists alike contribute to a larger, longer conversation.diatribes or rants; they’re not straight news; and they’re definitely not those five-paragraph papers you had to write in high school, which don’t start with a question but with a foregone conclusion.

That journey—physical, emotional, intellectual, or some combination of the above—often becomes the structure of the essay.

For an essay I wrote about reactions to the Paris climate agreement, my question was, “Why are more experienced climate journalists so much grumpier about this than I am?

Though the essay form is more than four hundred years old, it’s perfectly suited to the digital age—and to science writing.

Personal voice allows writers to go beyond simple “translation” of scientific results, providing the context and analysis so valuable to modern readers.But there’s a twist: Instead of Darth Vader or the Joker or a murderous stepfather, the essayist grapples with an —either a literal tale or some sort of assumption.Instead of returning from his or her journey with a lightsaber or the One Ring, the protagonist of an essay “comes back” with a new “story”—a new way of seeing the world.Surveying the development of English drama from the vantage of the early 1700s, he lamented Shakespeare’s “natural Rudeness, his unpolish’d Stile, his antiquated Phrase and Wit, his want of Method and Coherence, and his Deficiency in almost all the Graces and Ornaments of this kind of Writing”.And yet Shakespeare was not to be dismissed out of hand: “the Justness of his Moral, the Aptness of many of his ”.The Open Notebook is committed to paying all our contributors competitive professional rates.Producing TON costs more than ,500 per week, and we depend on contributions from our community of readers.The screenwriter John Yorke argues that almost every story can be divided into three major acts: In act 1, the protagonist enters or is thrust into a new world; in act 2, the protagonist struggles against an antagonist or opposing force; in act 3, the protagonist integrates old and new.In most essays, the writer functions as the protagonist, and his or her journey follows this standard three-part structure.so why exactly did I fly across the ocean to see this guy play Hamlet?” As I researched and wrote these essays, the questions I started with became broader questions about the influence of experience on expectations, the role of government in innovation, and the value of drama—questions that I hope were relevant not just to me, but to my audience, too.


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