Grizzly Bear Essays

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State wildlife agencies are, in turn, cowed by the political, ideological, and financial masters they serve.

Most potently, they are financed largely by sales of hunting licenses and taxes derived from sales of arms and ammunition.

The bill was a direct link to the tragic fatal mauling of hunting guide Mark Uptain last fall.

While a recently released final investigation report by WGF on Uptain’s death made it clear that bear spray, if properly deployed, could have saved his life (more on that in an upcoming essay), regressive politicians are using the tragedy to fuel anti-bear furor.

They see themselves not as regulators as much as bros.

Given all of these corrupting influences, it is no wonder that WGF officials lie and prevaricate in service of promoting removal of ESA protections and instituting a trophy hunt.

Until the 1990s, attraction to human food and garbage was the leading cause of human-bear conflicts and resulting bear deaths.

Managers routinely killed bears that had become hooked on human foods and, because of that, more aggressive.

Anti-bear fever has again gripped Wyoming politicians in the wake of Judge Christensen’s restoration of endangered species protections for Yellowstone grizzlies.

Last week’s press was peppered with hostile rhetoric from people in high places.


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