Grandparents Essay

You may began to look at all of the pictures but since the kitchen is right there, the accentuating smell is luring you away.

As you enter the kitchen, the floor no longer has carpet. There is a giant table in the middle of the kitchen that could easily sit 10 people.

Even though we live like 45 minutes away, they balled as if we were never coming back.

I'd take one last swing on the old tree and we'd depart.

The walls were white and had little kitchen knick knacks like clocks shaped like cows and things of that nature.

The cupboards were old and rickety but, of course, always filled with snacks and candy for when the grandchildren came over.When I was younger, I used to always go to my grandparents house. They were very hardworking, caring, and strict and the way their house felt reflected their personalities.Even though they haven't lived in their old house in a while, I will always remember it. The house I will forever have embedded in my mind was located in the rural town of Bovina, Texas.Although the house wasn't too big, the house was full of love and I always felt like it was my second home.Now the house is no longer there and my grandparents live 9 hours away, but no matter where they move or live, there house is always filled with the same love and it feels as if they never moved when I'm at their house.Although the living room was comfy, my grandpa said it was off limits to everyone.After all the hugs, hellos, and small talk, everyone would venture into the kitchen where my grandma would have a smorgasbord of all our favorite foods.When you got into the house, the smell of Mexican food and cleaning products attacked your nostrils.The living room walls were made of this fake wood-looking stuff. It had two couches, a chair and a table in the middle of the room.After everyone stuffed their face, everyone would sit around in the kitchen and catch up on things.When we have to leave, the room is filled with tears from both grandparents and my dad.


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