Geography Coursework Layout

Geography Coursework Layout-90
f) Students must submit a coversheet as the first page alongside any summative assessment submitted via Turnitin.g) Students may submit written assignments in either UK or US English, as long as its use is consistent throughout.

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b) Students are responsible for ensuring that submitted electronic files are submitted in one of the specified acceptable file formats, and not corrupted.

Students should check files on the system after submission to ensure they are valid and correct.

NB Because of the requirement to use lengthier footnotes in Law, word counts for Law essays do not include footnotes that give citations.

You will be required to submit some of your coursework online (see Programme Handbook for details).

Under/Over-length assessed work regulations: Up to 5% over-length: No penalty is incurred for assignments which are up to 5% over the upper word limit.

More than 5% over-length: 2 marks will be deducted for every 5% over the upper word limit, up to a total of 50% over the upper word limit (which equates to 20 marks) After 50% over the upper word limit, 3 marks will be deducted for every 5% Under-length: There is no minimum number of words required in an assignment.

Contact the Professional Services Team via [email protected] immediately should you have any problems submitting your coursework.

Word Count Policy Essays/Projects should not exceed the maximum word-length stipulated in your module outline.

However, assignments significantly below the suggested word count are unlikely to meet Pass criteria.

The word length includes titles, text and quotations, diagrams, charts and tables, as well as footnotes, but does not include appendices or your bibliography.


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