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It gave him the impression that he wanted to stop the entire world. This popularity makes it special, but in fact it is a feature of most of Auden's works that combines tact, caring and elegance and a high level of technical skills. In "buried blues", the poet did not directly explain who the deceased is, but he discovered later that the poem was written for Oden's deceased father.As it appears in the movies "Four Marriage" and "Funeral", many people will know W. In order to explain "public head", Oden uses the word "white".

This \'poem\' is from a play \"The Ascent of F6\" written by Auden and Christopher Isherwood. -Torre De Vito | Posted on 2011-08-04 | by a guest .: :.

this poem also uses a great metaphor\'\'pour away the ocean\'\' it gives the vibe that the poet feels complete pain and who cares about the ocean anymore its dead to him just like his lover.

He may say all thoose things about the moon and stars to give effect to the poem and make his point or maybe he is trying to put across that his lover often spoke about the moon and stars but who cares about them anymore his lover is no longer able to talk about them there is no more passion towards them the same with the sea they could have often visited the beach but that will not happen anymore.| Posted on 2011-06-07 | by a guest .: :.

In the first quarter, the poet created directly the irritating mood using this command. Just like the "Mother in the refugee camp" of Chinua Acebbe, the influence of family death is full of overwhelming sorrow.

The way in which the authors describe their own feelings - and how to use rhythms and rhythms - is produced in a very efficient way, which makes the reader clear. Oden, a wonderful theme would be grief of intimate family death.


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